68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

Generally speaking I subscribe to the belief that listicles are one of the worst aspects of the modern internet, and I avoid them with an appropriate sense of horror. However, I wanted to share this list by Kevin Kelly (co-founder of Wired magazine, amongst other things), which he recently posted to his blog to mark his 68th birthday. It’s titled ‘68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice’, and it contains many concise, powerful entries that I certainly felt I gained from reading.

Take for example:

The purpose of a habit is to remove that action from self-negotiation. You no longer expend energy deciding whether to do it. You just do it. Good habits can range from telling the truth, to flossing.

And, also:

I’m positive that in 100 years much of what I take to be true today will be proved to be wrong, maybe even embarrassingly wrong, and I try really hard to identify what it is that I am wrong about today.

Spend some time with the full list here, or watch Kelly recite it from a rocking chair here.

Adam Wood @adam